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Treasure Hunter: Lake Tahoe Dive Log pt. II

We got to it bright and early…
When I arrived on his doorstep, Ed was already rigged and ready to get in the water. He tossed an 8 mil. wetsuit to me (the thickest neoprene I’d ever seen), and suggested I use oil to get it on. I must note that getting an 8 mil. wetsuit on is anything but simple. The application of such a suit is perhaps more akin to putting on a suit of armor—one that helps you float.

Treasure Hunter: Tahoe Dive Log pt. I

Ever since I moved to the Tahoe Basin, I've heard stories about the local diving opportunities in the lake. A veteran of dozens of dives throughout Southeast Asia, SCUBA is one of my favorite activities. During the last three years, I’ve been trying to manifest a friendship with a local who can act as dive ambassador and liaison to the greater Tahoe area.
The other day, I met “the guy.”


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