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The bitter wind blowing right through you as you tromp out to clear off your car windows are only a dim memory from… when?  I’ve been coming to Tahoe to ski since the late 80’s and have fond memories of waking up to an extra two feet of fresh snow several times.   I bet you can remember getting ‘stuck’ for an extra day when it happened on the last night of your trip?   My rental was engulfed one year by almost 4 feet!  The parking lot was one level – chest deep white.  So you called work to say,  ‘Well, we just can’t get out until they clear the roads (hang up, and then to your buddy)…  So we might as well hit the hill and go back to work tomorrow…’

New Shoes

Like Jack Palance said in City Slickers, sometimes it only takes ONE thing to make you whole.  And, although this does not necessitate a spiritual journey, you may discover one along the way.  By picking ONE thing you want to go after, Life opens its arms (and your mind) to greater realities you never considered.  And that leads to more spaces for your new curiosity, your zest for this wild and wonderful world we live in...

Fall for Tahoe

Do you remember the first time you heard someone mention Tahoe?  I do.  When I finally drove through here en route to San Francisco, I knew right away it was a place I wanted to visit again.  What I did not know then was how much I would come to love it.  The City by the Bay proved to hold much opportunity, but could not fulfill the desire to connect with the Lake and the surrounding mountains.  Alpine vistas invaded my waking dreams, as if a fire had come to life inside.   

A Day in Desolation

The threshold between Spring and Summer in the Tahoe region is an interesting time. A season meant for exploration, the rushing streams and snowcapped peaks seem to beckon the locals out from under their winter dwellings. To catch the bug, all you have to do is turn your gaze westward—to the Desolation Wilderness—and the siren song of the mountains will call you home.Driving around the southwest corner of the lake, there are innumerable trailheads, some more obvious than others.


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