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Vicky's Cyber Cafe

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255 N Lake Blvd, #4
M-F 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-6pm

These days, vacations don’t necessarily mean you’ve escaped reality. Where can you find the convenience of internet connection and an office space in the middle of the mountains? At Vicky’s Cyber Cafe in Tahoe City.
The charm about Vicky’s place lies in its homey vibe. As you walk in, you seem to find yourself walking into a home office that just so happens to offer extensive services, such as scanning, faxing and copies. Vicky asks you to make yourself comfortable, offers a cup of espresso for purchase and, like a long-lost relative, inquires, “Whaddaya need?”
Have an important document that must be printed, signed, scanned and emailed by the end of the day? Vicky offers one-on-one help to get you in and out of there. Need to do some internet research? Bring your own laptop and use the Cyber Cafe’s wifi. Laptop broken? Use one of Vicky’s many computers for only a few bucks for a short time. Call in advance and Vicky will do her best to hook you up with a deal. Figure out your business in quiet environment of Vicky’s Cyber Cafe so you can get back to your vacation.

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