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Tahoe Tallac Association

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Valhalla Rd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96151
+1 (530) 541-4975

The Tahoe Tallac Association (TTA), better known as Valhalla, is a community-based nonprofit organization that puts on local festivals, concerts, performances and art exhibitions in the Valhalla/Camp Richardson area. Formed in 1979, the TTA’s original goal was to partner with the Forest Service and help facilitate the restoration efforts of the three estates in the Tallac Historical area.

Over the years, the TTA’s responsibilities have morphed into being the chief producer and sponsor of the Valhalla Arts and Music Festival. Now in its’ 34th annual year of production, the Arts and Music Festival, along with other TTA banner events such as the Renaissance Faire, have come to dominate summertime itineraries. Located up Hwy 89 at Valhalla Road--if you’ve never been to one of TTA’s events, now is the time to start going.

One of the ambitions of the Tahoe Tallac Association is to enhance cultural understanding—as well as to provide opportunities for Tahoe Basin residents to increase their own cultural awareness and exposure. The TTA does this by coordinating art/photo exhibitions, art's education, artists in-residency, theatre performances, as well as many musical events that have a wide spread of cultural appeal. As the TTA is a nonprofit, it uses all proceeds from these exhibitions and events to raise money for community projects, as well as the continued restoration of the grounds at Valhalla…

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