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Tahoe Mill Collective

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150 Alpine Meadows Rd, Tahoe City, CA 96145

Coffee shops and cafes everywhere host a handful of remote workers. That’s where us writers, photographers, graphic designers, etc. are supposed to work, right? Well, yes, sort of--until you get bored and sick of the restrictions of sitting in someone else’s place of business all day long. It’s time to join a workspace collective. It is time for the Tahoe Mill. Rent a desk at the Mill’s communal office space to avoid dealing with quirky cafes and bustling ski resort lodges. Your days of pushing out projects and typing up articles in lodges, lounges, and lobbies are over. If skiing or snowboarding isn’t quite your thing, you may want to consider renting a desk for the day at the Tahoe Mill while your significant other or friends or family have fun on the slopes.

Who am I kidding? Most people are out here in North Lake Tahoe to enjoy fresh powder or corduroy, and in the other seasons, to experience life on the lake and journeys through the trail systems. But when you have work to do, you have work to do. That’s where the Tahoe Mill Collective comes in. Work doesn’t disappear if you’re visiting or living in Tahoe. Contact one of the friendly co-founders at the Mill and rent a wooden desk that’s sturdy enough to hold all your paperwork, hard work, and hard drive’s contents. You’ll have access to wifi, private call rooms, a desk, a lamp, a chair, a printer, snacks (!), a communal kitchen area for coffee or tea or refrigeration or microwaving. Snatch a space for a few days, a week, a month, or for much longer.

As a bonus, you’ll share a collective workspace with professionals in the snowsports world who know all about Tahoe and much, much more. Grab a beer with a coworker for happy hour next door at the Crest Cafe. The Crest has a full cafe menu that includes: incredible food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (most days); a long list of coffee drinks; and beer. It’s one of the many perks of working at the Mill.

As well as office space for rent, the Tahoe Mill offers a communal lounge space for meetings and the option to rent out the place after-hours or on weekends for gatherings, events, or club meetings.

The Tahoe Mill provides a quiet, collective workspace for independent contractors or freelance workers or whoever wants to be productive and get ‘er done.

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