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Tahoe Flow Arts Studio

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6921 North Lake Blvd. #211 Tahoe Vista, Ca 96148
+1(530) 546-2343

Locally and regionally renowned for its bohemian approach to health and wellness, The Tahoe flow Arts Studio has had a meteoric rise since its’ inception in May, 2013. The Flow Arts Studio is unique because it approaches mind & body wellness from a holistic standpoint, emphasizing the practice of alternative fitness conditioning to achieve empowering results. Located at 6921 North Lake Blvd., the Flow Arts Studio is dedicated to enriching people’s lives…

Founded by health enthusiast Kelly Smiley, the Flow Arts Studio was always envisioned as a wellness center. Smiley wanted to create a studio that offered more options than a typical yoga center. With a diverse curriculum in mind, Smiley recruited some of the best aerialists and performance artists in the basin to help her manifest the dream. Since its’ opening, the Flow Arts Studio has become a co-op where each teacher brings their own specialties and increases the collective expertise of the whole.

A wide plethora of classes is offered by the Studio, some of which are extremely rigorous, while others are more focused on rehabilitation and healing. If you want an intense workout that is physically demanding, try the pilates, flow yoga, or aerial classes taught by my friend Jenn. If the promise of serenity is what brought you to the Flow Arts Studio, try a restorative yoga class or enroll in one of their meditation workshops.

At the end of the day, the Tahoe Flow Arts Studio’s main goal is to educate people about their own personal health and wellness. By offering challenging workout regimens coupled with latent appeals to aesthetics, the studio can turn someone’s workout into a creation of artwork, synthesizing a product that is more than its’ parts…

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