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Sunnyside Market

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1780 W Lake Blvd, Tahoe City, CA 96145
Everyday 7am-11pm

Sunnyside Market is a convenience store. It really is a convenient store. If you’re staying or living in the Sunnyside neighborhood that’s southbound on Highway 89 from Tahoe City, and it’s ten o’clock in the evening, and you feel you might cry if you can’t shove your face into a pint of ice cream, you’ll be ashamed if you have to drive all the way to the Save-Mart in town. Alas, you don’t have to: Sunnyside Market gleams “Open”--your saving grace.

Forgot something on the way out to the mountain? Sunnyside sits right there, on the side of the highway, humbly waiting, ready to rescue. From a homemade deli sandwich to drug store essentials, Sunnyside Market has what you need. Ran out of sunscreen? Want some snacks for the road? Care for a cup of coffee? What about a beer run? For Tahoe locals and visitors alike, Sunnyside Market liberates from the embarrassing and disconcerting chains of unpreparedness. Who knows? You may discover your favorite new hat that’s locally Tahoe-made, and you may be lucky enough to try their homemade baked goods that sell for just a dollar. You’ll find what you need at Sunnyside Market.

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