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Pulsing with Life, there is an apparent gravitational effect at work.  The holidays are tugging at your sleeve, spiraling toward a week of intended merriment. With winter resuming its tradition of crystalline-coated peaks and the loyal following of snow lovers, most of us residing on the planet celebrate this time of year (regardless of what you believe) in some special way.

But it’s not all about the trappings and trimmings, the fanfare and colorful banners.  Those are the icing on the lovely cake - as it were.  Yes, a fondness for good food and the accoutrements that complete the displays covering the tables in our homes is something all certainly share a love for.  A much more intimate reason brings all these elements together.  It’s why we travel this time of year - sometimes across the country through bristly obstacles - to be with certain people that give us the feeling we all yearn for.  To connect with love.  Personally, I too am filled with a warm glow of anticipation, of nights spent in good company sharing this sense of love. 

People extend and show these feelings in a multitude of ways.  For the hunter/ gatherer crew, bringing home some bounty of Nature would bestow this feeling.  For a craftsman, it might be fashioning something out of raw materials into a thing of beauty to present to their loved one.  For the child, creating an art project for Mom & Dad to paste on the refrigerator.  For the family, providing food, a warm bed, a new toy of fascination.  There are limitless ways to show it.  For some, it’s good enough to just be present…

Now, I offer that we make effort to show love to those we care about more than just during the holidays.  It’s always a good idea!  And perhaps reserve a little in your heart for your fellow planet dwellers - we are all in this together (regardless of what you believe).  The fact that this time is set aside for us is, in its own way, a great gift, a gift we need to make sure we take full advantage of.  The gift of Time is one most precious for it can never be regained.  My motto: You can make more money, but you can never make more Time!  You’ve been thinking and talking about going to see the in-laws, your son/daughter/Mom/Dad/best old friend (BFF?) for years now…  You aren’t getting younger, and it’ll never be easier than now.  Let that gravity pull you close!

Hint:  Converging in a new or special place can be a great way to spend the holidays too – I recommend Tahoe…

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