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Rubicon Trail

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Steeped in renown and squarely on the summer itinerary of most Tahoe Basin locals, the short but sweet Rubicon trail is something that can easily be done in a day. Pretty much Tahoe’s premier lakefront hiking experience, the Rubicon yields steady views of the lake without forcing the hiker to gain or lose much elevation. Located in the Southwest corner of the lake near the D.L. Bliss and Vikingsholm areas, this section of trail is both accessible and extremely scenic.

With several through-hiking options, the Rubicon Trail allows you and your party to hike as much or as little as you want. The full extent of the trail goes all the way from Eagle Point to the south of Emerald Bay to Calawee Cove in the North part of D.L. Bliss. If you only have one car, you have the option of parking in one location and doing a “there and back” hike. My preference, however, is to take two cars and set a shuttle at the trailhead of my choice, therefore--the hike is rendered a one-way journey. If you want a shorter, four mile option, do the hike between Calawee and Vikingsholm. If your desire is roughly to double that mileage--start/end at Eagle Point and connect it to Calawee Cove in the North.

Along the way, you’ll be treated to forgotten beaches, exotic rock formations, steep cliff line, antique structures, cascading waterfalls, and just about the prettiest shoreline you’ll ever see. Along the way, there are both legal and semi-legal camping options available for those wanting to make it an overnight trip, but please be sure to secure all camping permits before undertaking this Lake Tahoe classic…

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