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Primo's Italian Bistro

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2180 Lake Tahoe Blvd. #7 South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
+1 530-600-2220
Lunch Served Mon-Fri 11am-3pm (excluding holidays)Dinner Served Mon-Fri 3pm-10pm & Sat-Sun 4pm-10pm
James Primo
60 Persons

Tucked just out of sight, Primo's is a restaurant that you would hear about ‘word of mouth’ from a friend. Often my favorite way of finding a new spot, I was referred to Primos by my friend Beth when we were talking about food. After paying a visit to Primo's, it was easy to understand what all the talk is about. Offering ingredients made the traditional way from scratch, along with awesome specials and events, Primos Italian Restaurant will impress from the very first visit. Located at 2180 Hwy 50, Primo's is a must if you love great food and professional service.

As I already mentioned, Primo's offers outstanding cuisine chiefly because they prepare nearly everything in-house, including the pastas and sauces! I find this particularly important for an Italian restaurant because, in America, we are not used to fresh Italian ingredients, rendering the American palette very sensitive to this genre of cuisine. A traditional approach to culinary excellence allows a restaurant such as Primo's to stand a full head taller than the competition. Couple this freshness with Chef and founder James Primo’s dedication to his ancestral heritage, and you are guaranteed a dining experience that is built on familial tradition going back hundreds of years. That’s how old I want my Italian recipe…

If the sheer quality of the food isn't enough, Primo's also throws fantastic wine and holiday events to cater to the refined tastes of its’ clientele. On Valentine’s Day, they have a couple’s dinner that features multiple courses accompanied by a wine pairing to complement the food. In addition, Primo's also hosts a bi-annual event in which they feature a resident sommelier for a multi-course culinary extravaganza; I will almost surely be attending the next one of these events…

A great way to sample the ambiance and delicious food at Primo's is to check out their lunch special. A remarkable value, the place is almost losing money during the lunch hours serving some of their finest meals on offer for your dining experience. My buddy John works at and loves Primo's—he takes an enormous amount of pride in the cuisine that they serve, and you can tell that he believes in what Primo's provides for their customers. He loves the Osso Bucco and the Braciole. However, he reminded me that the specials change weekly—meaning there is always something new and amazing to try.

With fresh meats, pastas, and an undying loyalty/pride in excellence, Primos is a sure thing on the South Shore…

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