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Powerline Trail

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The Powerline Trail is one of those rare stretches that seem to rise and fall perfectly. Whether you’re hiking, running, or mountain biking, the undulating topography of this seven-mile stretch will complement the pace of your workout. Set above town between the Cal-base and Cold Creek areas, The Powerline circuit is a local standard for afternoon burns and quick backdoor escapes. Trailheads for this section are located at both Ski Run/Saddle Rd. and Oneidas/High Meadow Rd.

The majority of the Powerline Trail runs parallel to Pioneer Trail Rd., so it is easy to get from one to the other if you want to make your ride/run a loop instead of a there-and-back excursion. The Powerline Trail network also links to several other trail systems, including the Cold Creek Trail, the Star Lake Trail, and invariably the Tahoe Rim Trail.

For those looking just to do the seven-mile section in town, I recommend starting at the Ski Run end. The first part of the ride/run is a long, windy singletrack that continues on for about four to five miles. The singletrack is followed closely by an old fire-road. If biking, the whole ride should only take about an hour to an hour and a half. My suggestion is to leave a shuttle-car at the end of Oneidas Road where the trail terminates, leaving you with more logistical options at the conclusion of your ride...

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