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The Pier

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3411 Hwy 50

Sometimes a community has a landmark for so long that it becomes hard to find someone who remembers a time without it. The landmark develops into a fixture of that place--a trademark that seems to be not apart from, but attached to the life of the town itself. Located at 3411 Hwy 50., The Pier at Lake Tahoe is certainly such a place. Featuring an awesome Bistro and a launching point for many varieties of water related recreation, this Tahoe tradition is an awesome place to spend an afternoon, particularly in the Summer.

Nobody in Tahoe, or on Google for that matter, can seem to explain the origins of this structure. Upon asking a waitress at the Bistro if she knew its' origins, she confessed that she's been diving from it since her first year in Tahoe back in 1985, but had no idea when it was built. She then asked an elderly couple--Tahoe locals since 1967; The Pier was around when they moved here as well. Whatever and whenever the origin was, it has since been a place for countless people to come and fully take in the majesty and splendor of the Lake itself with a full 360 degree vantage.

If you want to eat great food, go to The Pier. If you want to rent a jet-ski, go to The Pier. If you want to sunbathe, go to The Pier. If you want to see the man-made structure that has been around for longer than most of us have been alive--go to The Pier.

Personally, I've visited The Pier many, many times during my tenure as a Tahoe local; most of these times have transpired during my runs. Situated near the center of town, The Pier has always offered me a great destination/turn-around point for my bi-weekly workouts. A couple miles deep into a good sweat, there is truly nothing like reaching The Pier and jogging to its' end--seemingly into the expanse of the Lake itself.

Both inspiring and historical, The Pier is a must-do activity while in Tahoe. To top it all off--just like all the best things in life--it's free...

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