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Pie Shop Boulders

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Daily Sunrise-Sunset

Perhaps one of the most accessible bouldering areas in South Shore, the Pie Shop has been famous as a local’s haunt for many years. With a great diversity in difficulty, as well as good quality granite, this area lures climbers from all over California and beyond. Located under the Twin Peaks on Sawmill Road, the Pie Shop provides a free and healthy way to spend an afternoon in the open air.

Apparently this bouldering area got its’ name because there was once an actual pie shop right down the street. This was a long time ago, and now all that remains of the shop is the name. With approach time varying between one and fifteen minutes, many of the problems at this area are a short walk and stone’s throw from the road.

Over the years, the Pie Shop has had several boom and bust cycles in local popularity. In the 90’s, it was famous for high-ball slab climbing. Gradually people around the basin began to migrate elsewhere as new and better areas were found and explored. However, this all changed when in the early 00’s climber Steve Francis put up the locally renowned test-piece “Pimp Juice” (V9). Ever since, the Pie Shop has been squarely in the sights of many climbers.

If it’s your first time bouldering in Tahoe, pick up a local bouldering guide and go do some exploring. The Pie Shop can be a bit confusing because a lot of the best stuff is further back/deeper into the area. For newbies to the zone, my suggestion is to go and spend at least an hour walking around the entirety of the area so as to better appraise where the goods are, and to locate the problems that are within your ability range.

Have fun, bring a pad, and climb with a partner...

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