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Nepheles - Bar

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1169 Ski Run Blvd South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
+1 (530) 544-8130
2:00pm-2:00am mon-sun
Mark Vassau
40 Persons

Long heralded as one the best local bar/restaurants in Tahoe--Nepheles can have it both ways--offering fine dining and also a festive ski-bar scene that often gets wild after hours. Nestled in between Hwy. 50 and Heavenly at 1169 Ski Run Blvd., this place is legendary in South Tahoe lore for its' raucous good times, relaxing hot tubs, and gourmet cuisine.

Coming in as one the oldest continuously owned and operated businesses in South Lake, Nepheles has been the baby of local Tim Halloran for over thirty seven years! Over the decades, Halloran has crafted his establishment into a consummate local's spot that is almost guaranteed to be a great time. Nepheles is a place where you can catch up with old friends that are unbidden, but show up anyway, instigating a reason for celebration.

It's also a place that many tourists build into their Tahoe tradition. Just the other night a guy named Steve bought me a drink out-of-the-blue. He told me that he's been coming to Tahoe on vacation from S.F. for over twenty years and that every year--Nepheles is in his top three things to do during his holiday. Two minutes later another new friend bought me yet another unsought drink--a perennial favorite at Nepheles--The Pickle Back.

Presiding over most of the shenanigans is the reliably present Jannette, also known at Nepheles as "Mom." Jannette is a good person to talk to if you want to make a dining reservation, have a hot-tub reserved for an evening soak, or you need a good stiff drink. In this cozy bar/lounge and amazing restaurant, it's easy to understand why someone might be tempted to call her Mom, and also why somebody might begin to feel like family...

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