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Magic Carpet Golf

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2455 Lake Tahoe Boulevard South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
+1(530) 541-3787
Daily 10am-10pm

Featuring everything from a giant dinosaur to a pirate ship, the Magic Carpet Golf courses are a longstanding Tahoe tradition. With so much outdoor recreation at our fingertips here in the basin, sometimes it’s fun to do something different and go mini-golfing. Great for dates or family events, Magic Carpet Golf offers a wallet-friendly way to play outside without getting too dirty. Located in the middle of South Lake Tahoe at 2455 Lake Tahoe Blvd., Magic Carpet Golf is a fantastic “in-the-city” option.

Especially popular with tourists, I find that Magic Carpet Golf is an excellent backup plan for families that have restless children. When I was a little kid, I did not have an appreciation for wilderness or outdoor beauty—but mini-golf was awesome! For the parents who just spent the entire day at the resort, but now need to appease the kids, this mini-golf course is a godsend.

Not only is it convenient, but Magic Carpet Golf has three separate courses—two nineteen hole and one twenty-eight hole. For a small-town mini-golf scene, that’s a lot of putting! The nineteen hole courses are $8.50/person, and the twenty-eight hole course is $12.00/person. During the summer, the opening and closing times at Magic Carpet Golf are quite reliable, but during the winter and spring, the hours are less a sure thing, so be sure to check ahead…

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