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Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the U.S. (after Crater Lake in Oregon) and the 16th deepest lake on earth. Even though the depth of the lake changes throughout the year and the bottom has yet to be fully explored, the average depth of the lake is 1,644 feet.

Source: USGS.gov | http://tahoe.usgs.gov/facts.html

Lake's Tahoe's famous crystal waters are created by snowmelt and runoff from various streams. The water is about 99.7 percent pure and in some places you can see down into the water for about 35 feet.

Source: USGS.gov | http://tahoe.usgs.gov/facts.html

Because of its elevation and snowmelt, the surface waters of lake Tahoe stay an average of around 50oF all year. The water does warm up in August and September to around 70oF, but at depths below 600 feet the water stays in the 40oF range.

Source: USGS.gov | http://tahoe.usgs.gov/facts.html

Lake Tahoe holds about 39 trillion gallons of water, enough to cover the state of California to a depth of 14½ inches.

Source: Tahoe Facts | http://tahoefacts.com/html/body_tahoe_faqs.html

Lake Tahoe has 18 world-class ski resorts all over 6,200 feet in elevation and all are located (if not right by the lake) within a 45 minute drive.

Source: Reno-Tahoe | http://www.visitrenotahoe.com/media/facts-statistics

Lake Tahoe is 22 miles long and 12 miles wide with 72 miles of shoreline that ranges from granite cliffs and hills to beaches and million-dollar estates.

Source: USGS.gov | http://tahoe.usgs.gov/facts.html

Lake Tahoe is home to several famous residents including David Coverdale of Whitesnake, Leonard Nimoy, James Hetfield of Metallica and snowboarder Jamie Anderson. Various properties around the lake have been owned by Howard Hughes, Julio Iglesias and Frank Sinatra.

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In an average winter, nearly 125 inches of snow falls in the Lake Tahoe region/b>. At higher elevations, the snowfall can be between 300 to 500 inches.

Source: Virtual Tahoe | http://www.virtualtahoe.com/Community/TahoeFAQs.html

The three tallest peaks in the Lake Tahoe area are Freel Peak (10,881 feet) , Job's Sister (10,823 feet) and Mount Rose (10,776). All three peaks can be summited via hiking trails.

Source: Wikipedia | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Lake_Tahoe_peaks

The average temperatures for the Tahoe area in summer can range between 90o F during the day and 40oF at night. In the winter, this can range from 40oF during the day into below zero at night.

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