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La Mexicana

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8515 Brook Ave. Kings Beach, CA 96143
(530) 546-0310
Daily 9am-9pm
Jesus Rodriguez
9 persons

When it comes to eating, it seems there are two types of consumers. The first type is the ‘play-it-safe’ crowd; these people love the security that comes with a predictable menu, a consistent kitchen, and a franchise uniformity that is the same whether down the street, or in Dubai. The other consumer craves things new and independent--maybe a little greasy around the edges and completely one-of-a-kind. For those of you belonging to the second group—those who like the most authentic experience possible—La Mexicana Meat Market and Taqueria is an incredible find. Smack-dab in the middle of Kings Beach at 8515 Brook Ave., La Mexicana is a taste of real Mexico transported straight into North Lake Tahoe.

Owned and operated by Jesus Rodriguez for more than fifteen years, La Mexicana has been in his family ever since. According to Rodriguez, the kitchen at La Mexicana is different from most other restaurants/taquerias because every recipe and food prep. technique is the collective output of everyone who’s worked there for the last fifteen years. In the beginning, Jesus and his family started with a basic menu, but with every new cook and chef, they were rewarded with evermore refined recipes and family secrets culminating with the menu as it exists today. This collective excellence shows in the quality of their menu and the deliciousness of their food.

Most Mexican eateries have one or two specialties that trump other options, but at La Mexicana, I am never disappointed by anything I eat--therefore I always continue to explore and sample new dishes. Recently, I had the fish tacos, which with a lime squeezed over the top, were perfect. To date, my favorite item at La Mexicana has to be the red wet-burrito filled with asada and black beans—use a fork and knife! Also excellent are the salsas that La Mexicana keeps chilled and ready to compliment your main dishes, including two verdes, a red picante, and a fantastic mixed Jalapeno variety—the red picante has a great bite, so make sure to fill up a cup of water…

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