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Kirkwood Inn & Saloon

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1501 Kirkwood Meadows Dr.
+1 (209) 258-7304
11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
50 Persons

Of all the way-stations, lonely inns, and mountain outposts around the Sierra, few are more storied and mythologized than the Kirkwood Inn & Saloon. Officially in its 150th year serving meals, beers and beds, The Inn has been making people comfortable since the American Civil War!  Smack-dab in the middle of the Emigrant Trail, the Kirkwood Inn has a long history of saving lives and making people grateful for the warmth of a well kindled fire. Located at 1501 Kirkwood Meadows Drive, you too can experience the rustic hospitality of a historical tradition - even if your life doesn't need saving. Homesteaded by Zachary and Eliza Smith in 1864, the Inn & Saloon was originally a general store/post office/Inn for pioneers and settlers braving the unpredictable Sierra. Ever since then, this establishment has been showing people a great time in the middle of nowhere... The Inn became part of Kirkwood during the 1960's when the now legendary Bud Klein led a survey onto Carson Pass with the aspirations of developing a ski area. Their maps led them to the spot where the Inn was supposed to be, but they could not find it. After realizing that the Inn itself was completely buried in snow, the surveyors tunneled their way in and proceeded to use it as a base for the following week. Today, sitting next to the roaring fire, it's not difficult to imagine the same moment a hundred years ago. Perhaps the most consistent establishment in the Tahoe Basin, the Kirkwood Inn & Saloon has been a reliable supplier of warming drinks, hearty meals, and soft beds. Take a step back in time!  Push your day on the slopes 'till about 3:30, then go to the Inn for a pint of micro and their $2 happy-hour tacos.  You'll be glad you did...

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