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Freel Perk Coffee Shop

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3141 HWY 50 Meyers, CA 96150
+1 (530) 577-7375
6:00am-2:00pm Daily
Barbara Gerland
20 persons

Just getting started as the go-to coffee shop in Meyers, Freel Perk keeps it simple while only focusing on the stuff that matters. Opening in the 2012-13 winter, Freel Perk has become a standard for the locals in Christmas valley/Upper Truckee area who for years have wanted a comfortable coffee shop to call their own. However, just off the road at 3141 Hwy 50, Freel Perk offers everyone--tourists and locals--a place to pick up a quick morsel and a cup-of-joe before heading into the mountains.

As I said, Freel Perk keeps it simple. Serving the locally famous coffees of Alpen Sierra Roasting Co., the Perk offers its’ customers the best locally produced coffee that money can buy. Founded by longtime local Barbara Gerland, the Perk puts special emphasis on catering to local customers as well as local businesses—making a concerted effort to keep the money in the Tahoe Basin.

A cozy nook of a coffee shop, Freel Perk has an intimate feel that is the type of place you could relax and chill for hours at a time—or get your fix and go. Built completely of wood forming a large A-frame, an old decommissioned Heavenly chairlift dangles from the ceiling. Before the Perk, this building was a ski-shop, so the feeling is very local/snow-inspired.

On a typical day at Freel Perk, you’ll probably strike up a conversation with a random Meyers townie. Just the other day, I had one such conversation with a longtime Tahoe resident named Alex. Amongst other things, he confided that he’s very happy to have a new coffee shop down the street from his house. Alex loves supporting the Freel Perk knowing that his business is going straight back into the community. Also, he strongly recommends the Dirty Chai…

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