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Fantasy Inn Tahoe, Stylish Affordable Weddings by the Fireplace

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3696 Lake Tahoe Boulevard South Lake Tahoe, CA, 96150

The Fantasy Inn Wedding Chapel in Lake Tahoe is one of only a couple of wedding venues in Tahoe with a glowing fireplace right next to where the couple gets married. There is no alter or podium just the fireplace to focus people's attention on the center of the room. Many wedding facilities have walls painted in plain white or pearl, but not the Fantasy Inn Wedding Chapel. Here walls are painted to look like red sandstone with a picturesque abstract tapestry and plants hanging from them. The Fantasy Inn Wedding Chapel gives you a welcoming comfortable cozy feeling and gets an A+ for ingenious style. Replacing the alter or podium with a big fireplace completely works. There are also video cameras permanently fixed to a couple of walls that make it easy to get a good video of your special day.

Lake Tahoe's Fantasy Inn Wedding Chapel is a cute little chapel that seats about 40 people. The Fantasy Inn has a Wedding Garden, which can seat more people, but a small awning protects only the bride and groom from inclement weather. Fortunately, summertime is Lake Tahoe's dry season when it rarely rains. The Fantasy Inn will arrange for everything from your minister to the photographer to even hair and makeup, but not your reception. They will recommend various places to hold the reception. There are a couple of restaurants just a few steps down the street. The Fantasy Inn will also arrange weddings at Lake Tahoe's Lakeside Beach for a substantial additional fee. While not Lake Tahoe's cheapest wedding facility, the Fantasy Inn is one of the most affordable places in Tahoe to get married, and they regularly perform over 200 weddings each year.

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