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Fall for Tahoe

Do you remember the first time you heard someone mention Tahoe?  I do.  When I finally drove through here en route to San Francisco, I knew right away it was a place I wanted to visit again.  What I did not know then was how much I would come to love it.  The City by the Bay proved to hold much opportunity, but could not fulfill the desire to connect with the Lake and the surrounding mountains.  Alpine vistas invaded my waking dreams, as if a fire had come to life inside. 

I had no car in the City, so I would borrow or rent one to get here.  Invitations to join friends heading to Tahoe for camping, hiking, fishing, or skiing (snow and water) were given top drawer preference.  It was apparent to me early on, that simple get-togethers became extraordinary events when looking out over the shimmering Lake and its ultra-blue clarity.  I have always loved being on the water, and by the glow in the faces of my friends I could tell, they loved being here too.

And I have since moved here, having witnessed the Lake go thru numerous changes in seasons.  I have come to appreciate them all for varied aspects regarding the opportunities offered by each. 

Fall offers crisp air, and pleasant warm days around the Lake.  The messengers of Autumn take their palettes to the landscapes and create lush golden groves of the Aspens, crimson salmon in Taylor Creek, and soft tans on the meadows.  The scent of sweet earthiness rises from fallen pine needles while the trees exude vanilla from their bark.  The first snows dust the mountain peaks signaling everyone to get ready

For the Fall traveler, vacancies for rentals go up, and the rates go down. Roads are more open and allow free movement.  Parking is plentiful.  Quiet solitude hangs over the former bustled areas of summer making space for reflective moments while walking the dog.  The Lake is nearly vacant of boats, and the fishing can be superb this time of year.  Oh yes, the shoulder season (as locals call it) does have its opportunities.  And there’s so much more…

Every time I come over one of the summits leading to this basin, I feel the same sigh of pleasure as the first time I saw it.  I see my friends, their glowing faces, and the feeling that there is a timeless quality here that cannot be denied.  Those memories are precious.  And now, Tahoe means a great deal more than when I originally heard of this ‘faraway magical place’.  It means I get to live in a place of my dreams.

There is always a good time to be in Tahoe.  Perhaps, as in mine, it will hold a chosen place in your heart. 


Edward Wade


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