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D.L. Bliss State Park

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South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
+1 (530) 525-7277
Summer: Sunrise-Sunset (unless camping)

D.L. Bliss State Park, just north of Emerald Bay in the Southwest corner of the lake, is an amazing resource to the locals and visitors of Tahoe. Not just another one of Tahoe’s outstanding parks, D.L. Bliss comes through as an exceptional natural playground that offers car-camping, and yet so much more. To the common observer, this park feels more like 2-3 parks due to its’ size and the overall spread across a big chunk of area. With a total of 268 campsites (!!), and a wide variety of activities to enjoy, D.L. Bliss is a place that you’ll want to return to.

Those coming to this park with low expectations will be blown away! Along with a sprawling park-grounds, D.L. Bliss also has access to the best drive-up bouldering (38.985433, -120.099644) I’ve seen anywhere in the Tahoe Basin. Perhaps most notably, D.L. Bliss accesses and is a part of the Rubicon Trail--a long section of path that can be trekked all the way from Calawee Cove in the North to Eagle Point in the south. This section can be done as a longer day-hike, but also could be turned into a one or two night trip. The Rubicon Trail is a classic and offers many well built sections that are equipped with rails and bridges to ensure public safety.

Also, a surprise to me, D.L. Bliss has an underwater park that is utilized during the warmer summer months by Tahoe’s SCUBA community. As SCUBA is a dangerous activity, especially at an altitude of 6,000 feet, certain areas of the lake are designated as SCUBA zones that are frequented on a normal basis by underwater adventure enthusiasts.

Another cool and little know fact about this park is that in addition to the 268 car-campsites, D.L. Bliss also has twenty primitive campsites that can only be accessed via watercraft. This means that with a little planning, you can reserve a sliver of solitary Tahoe shoreline to rest your head for an evening, or maybe even several…

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