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Cold Water is Cool!


I’ve been watching and waiting for a while, I think a lot of us have been… And now, it’s happening… As the parched lands seem to reach out to welcome the current drenching we’re getting, I welcome a similar saturation.  Although normally it would already be snowing by this time of year, it’s suddenly too warm for snow.  So we’ve got cold water.  And that leads us to what I’m actually writing about today.  Why (you say) would anyone get excited about cold water?  Because…  I’m talking about Tahoe’s newest brewery! 

On Friday evening, I had the good fortune to be on location for the Official (ta-da!) Opening Night.  After attending Leading Ladies, the latest production at Lake Tahoe Community College ,  a neighbor was talking about checking ‘the new place’ out and, well I tagged along.  By the way, I feel rather strongly about recommending you add this play to your list of local activities.  Leading Ladies is a hilarious fast-paced stampede thru twisted Shakespearean situations and witty dialogue.  It is sure to develop smiles in even the stiffest of lips, if not drive one to laugh out loud!  I did.  Go see it.  It’s one of the best I’ve seen there.

And now, onto the beer!  We arrived at the Cold Water Brewery on the corner of Sierra and 50 to find a packed parking lot – the likes of which I've never seen there!  The open-ceilinged house was brimming with talkative patrons, clearly enjoying the ambience of amber...  We bellied up to the stone bar and found the offerings quite impressive.  They present a full line of their own cleverly named brews, as well as some diverse micros to balance out the fully stocked bar.  With the very friendly staff - who were jumping to keep pace, they seem to have the angles well covered.

We tried the Rye and IPA, and were presently joined by others who (were also patrons of Leading Ladies BTW and) shared an interest in sampling local brew.  By sharing, I mean just that.  We were soon trading sips with people we’d just met!  No one had a cold – at least that’s what they said – but we all had Cold Water brews in hand and mind.  I must admit a fondness for their Porter which has a good balance of hops and not-overly-roasted malt (a common issue with fledgling brewers I’ve found) and a subtle caramel finish.  Nice.

Perusing the menus revealed more items of interest, with prices that seemed reasonable.  As the place was packed to the hilt, the food will have to wait for another visit.  Suffice to say, Cold Water Brewery has the right marks to merit further ‘investigation’…  I'm already looking forward to it, and recommend you give this one a shot too.   See you there?

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