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Cave Rock

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Tucked three miles south of Glenbrook on Tahoe’s east shore, Cave Rock stands out against the azure blue of lake and sky as one of the area’s best spots to take in views, launch a boat, or have a picnic. An early impediment to local transportation, Cave Rock is a volcanic cliff formation that stands prominently over much of the surrounding lakeside. In 1931 and 1957 the tunnels that run through Cave Rock were blasted, solving a long-standing issue for Tahoe commuting. For much of its contemporary history, rock climbing was a popular way to utilize this amazing area, but since September 2003, climbing has been strictly prohibited due to conservation, so leave those quick-draws at home.

To get to Cave Rock, follow Hwy 50 past Zephyr Cove and continue until taking a right on Cave Rock Drive. Follow until the road does a hard-right 180-degree turn. At the elbow of the road, you’ll see a dirt parking area with trail access just beyond.

To reach the top of Cave Rock, follow the trail beyond the dirt parking area for an easy jaunt until the path splits and heads directly for the cliff line. Follow the trail as it climbs granitic steps to the peak. Once on the top, enjoy the views, take some snapshots, and be careful—it’s a long way down.

If heights and lake views aren’t your thing, this area also has a popular boat-launch ramp and picnic area for those wanting to stay closer to the shoreline. At the south end of the rec. area there is a sandy beach that offers perfect swimming/water-play opportunities. Additionally, if fishing is your preferred pastime, the areas around this park are an excellent place to angle away an afternoon, however, fishing is restricted on the beach and boat-ramp, so please attempt to find an area away from these two spots.

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