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Camp Richardson Corral and Pack Station

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PO Box 8335 South Lake Tahoe, CA 96158
+1 (530) 541-3113

Nestled beside the Tallac historic site and the Camp Richardson Resort and Camp Grounds is the Corral. On the verge of the steep mountains around the fabled Emerald Bay, the Corral's horseback riding trails start on fairly flat land strewn with several small lakes. Some of the trails eventually take you up the steep mountainside while others take you along waterways. One riding trail takes you along Taylor Creek home of the famed Kokanee Salmon Festival. Any ride will take you past some of the rare giant sugar pine trees that used to be so plentiful in Tahoe, because one of these giants is right next to the corral. These giant trees that produce pine cones up to 2 ft. long and have been known to grow to nearly 300 ft. tall, were almost driven to extinction 100 years ago by logging operations and are currently under threat by a disease called Blister Rust.

The Corral is on the western side of Lake Tahoe closest to the Pacific Ocean. There is much more rain and snow than on the drier eastern shore. This gives the trees and other plants a lush green color than is unparalleled on the opposing side of the Lake. Kelly Ross the current Corral Manager says there are several places they can take you to on a trail ride where you will get a beautiful view of the Lake Tahoe. The Corral first opened in 1934 and has been continuously operated by three generations of the Ross family up to the present day. The Corral has been moved twice since it first opened.

Pony rides in the area next to the stables are available for the very young. Those who are older may ride the trails. You must weigh less than 225 pounds (110 kg) to ride. On a one hour ride, you generally wander through the forest. The two hour ride takes you further, and one option would be to wander along the shore of Fallen Leaf Lake. Reservations are strongly recommended as hours vary throughout the season. Please call for pricing and reservations.

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