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Brothers Burrito House

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2136 Lake Tahoe Blvd
+1 (530) 544-3263
6:30am-10:30pm Mon-Sun
Chef Martin'
30 Persons

South Lake Tahoe has its share of Mexican dining establishments, and there is a lot of public debate about how these places rank. Each has its’ niche--the thing it does best--and in the case of Brothers Burrito House, like the namesake implies, this specialty is burritos. At the corner of 4th street and Hwy 50, this unpresuming burrito shop dominates the Mexican breakfast scene while also providing arguably the best salsa bar in town…

For the last five years Chef Martin’—along with his co-chefs Jose and Gilberto—have catered to the budget burrito crowd, and also the working Tahoe locals looking for intense flavor before a day on the job. From the kitchen you can order plates, tacos, enchiladas, you name it, but as I said before, this place does burritos! At $4.00, Brothers offers the cheapest—and most filling—breakfast burrito in town. Served all day, their breakfast burrito menu includes nearly eight different varieties—all including egg, cheese, potatoes, and your choice of meat. Whether day or night, breakfast or dinner, I consistently order the Chorizo breakfast burrito with cilantro and no cheese. While the menu is full of Mexican classics, even my friend Dulce--who works at Brothers--agrees that nothing beats the breakfast burritos; she goes for the sausage and potato.

Another thing I previously mentioned is the salsa bar. With all-you-can-eat chips to sweeten the deal, the salsas encompass hot, mild, verde, and a very unconventional jalapeno. Combined with these excellent offerings, the tables also have bottles of my favorite hot sauce ever—El Yucateca habanero sauce.

Brothers Burrito House is an excellent place to grab a quick breakfast before heading to the mountain or work. In terms of overall value for the food you get, this place can’t be beat!

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