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Blackwood Canyon

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California 89, CA 96145
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Blackwood Canyon on the west shore of Lake Tahoe is a popular place in all seasons. Also known as the Barker Pass Road, four miles south of Tahoe City, north of Tahoe Pines and near Eagle Rock. 2.5 miles up the road is where the road crosses Blackwood Creek. 4 miles further up the road is Barker Pass and the start of the trail head that will take you to Ellis Peak.
The trail is 5 miles round trip and is moderate in its difficulty, and is beautiful.

In the winter, you will find folks on snowshoes, snowmobilers and cross country skiers. In the summer and Autumn you will find hikers and bicycle riders and others out for a morning walk, and the occasional stroller with a happy youngster or two, soaking up the sun filtering through the trees. In the summer there are wildflowers hugging the banks of the creek, butterflies, ducks and a feeling of tranquility.

I love the canyon and spend many an hour there hiking with my camera slung over my shoulder. Sometimes I drive up to the bridge, and walk along the creek. Other times I drive up to where the road ends at Barker Pass and the trail head to Ellis Peak begins, and hike to the peak where the views are spectacular. I also enjoy riding my mountain bike to the creek and up to Barker Pass. In the winter I enjoy mid day snowshoe adventures with my dog.

The canyon’s gate is open from the end of May until the beginning of November. Automobiles are permitted when the gate is open.

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