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The word ‘Golf’ is derived from the word ‘club’.  So with that, to use the phrase ‘golf club’ is a bit redundant?  But then, what would you call it?  Niblick?  My Grandfather used to call them ‘goofers’ as we drove past the lush courses set among the 1000 Islands region of New York.  The characters clad in plaid pants and flat cap hats did not seem to mind the blazing heat and humidity, or pouring rain, or sometimes even snow they endured for the love of the sport.  You can tell someone is devoted to their leisurely pursuit when they’ll brave inclement weather to keep their tee time!  What is driving this craziness?

Being on a golf course in driving rain did actually seem a bit goofy to me then, so the term Grandpa used seemed fitting.  He, however, belonged to that group of fair weather participants probably disdained by the truly dedicated men in plaid.  Then of course, I would go fishing in the rain.  But getting wet is a big part of fishing, not golf!  Right?

Well, plaid may be a bit out of fashion, but golf certainly is not!  It’s likely more popular now than ever with mass media coverage, big names, and large sums of money being spent hosting major tournaments.  And it’s not just a game for men anymore.  The old Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden acronym was likely invented by some old guys sitting around the 19th Hole who were afraid of losing their ‘man cave’ time.  Nowadays, ladies are just as involved in the game as the ‘gentlemen’.  Some of them have even shown the old sports a thing or two as well.  The concept of evening playing fields is indeed one long overdue pursuit.  One principle that does appear to be holding steady though: they still seem to play in just about any weather!  Think of the priest playing his finest round in Caddyshack…  This is maybe because getting a tee time can be downright difficult for some places.  Just like some trendy restaurants, you better keep that reservation!

Luckily for us in Lake Tahoe, fair weather is the de rigueur here (even in January this year!).  As the rich and famous returned amidst the roar of Lear jets to the Basin for the big Celebrity Golf Challenge, so did throngs of followers hoping for a glimpse or even a chance to meet one of the high society elite for an added thrill.  The Edgewood is already a popular location for dining, weddings and special parties.  This annual event from American Century Investments puts it way over the top!  As locals, it’s impossible not to notice the increased density of the traffic on the roads and sidewalks around town.  It brings a buzz to the air; an undeniable sense that Something’s happening

And it’s always nice to feel wanted isn’t it?  The overflow from this inpouring is fantastic for the local businesses, giving them a chance to put a show on, to let everyone know why this place is so revered by all who visit.  That big beautiful blue lake and the crown of mountains holds its own commanding presence, but there’s something more isn’t there?  A certain sense of both power and serenity comes with that breathtaking vista.  You can see it on the faces of others around you.  You can feel it in the air.  This is one of the best places on the planet to have year round fun.  There is something special about this place called Lake Tahoe, and it seems like everyone knows it. 

Though the Edgewood (http://www.edgewoodtahoe.com/) holds a prized placement among golf courses, there are several in the area that deserve a shot (or two - under par!).  There are actually 3 more in the South Shore area alone.  The Lake Tahoe Golf Course (http://www.laketahoegc.com/), Tahoe Paradise (http://www.tahoeparadisegc.com/) and the local rustic 9-hole Bijou Golf Course all have their place amongst those who enjoy properly whacking a ball (with a mashie?) to an intended location.  There are more golf opportunities next door in Glenbrook NV, and yet more at strategic locations around the entire Lake Tahoe Basin!  Coyote Moon (http://coyotemoongolf.com/) boasts an exclusive setting claiming views ‘unspoiled by a single house’.   You won’t find that in Florida!

With all these lovely places to swing a club, maybe the next Golf Challenge should include a day at several courses around the Lake to increase the diversity of playing fields.  Oh, but South Shore’s got the airport… Well… Yes, if you own (or can afford to charter) a plane, South Shore has a distinct advantage with its proximity to town, and the Edgewood…  Convenience is important.  And getting to the North Shore from the South Shore would likely mean… driving to the next course with everyone else.  With our humble roads that encircle the Lake, I guess that’s not very likely at this point.  Maybe when we get driverless cars…?  I don’t hear much about the Truckee Airport, probably with Reno-Tahoe being such a major hub already, but that would be a mighty short plane ride from here.  Logistics, Schmo-gistics… 

With $125,000 at stake in the Celebrity Golf Challenge, you’d think the money would be the impetus for Mark Muldar partaking in this Event.  But I think it’s more like the feeling of increased skill level ultimately combined with the prestige of winning that drive him to excel at golf.  Most celebrities don’t need the money at all, and even donate large sums of their winnings to charity – good for the greater good!  If you’ve got more than you can possibly spend for the next three generations, what’s the point?  Because even fame and fortune are not enough to override the human part that simply wants to have some fun, in a beautiful setting, with others of like mind, all psyched to be doing the same thing.  The need for inclusion and community are at the center of this desire.  That’s what binds us all together in the first place.  What better place to do it than Lake Tahoe?   Just sayin’…