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7800 Bar & Grill

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1551 Kirkwood Meadows Dr.
(209) 258-8880
Mon-Fri. 10am-11pm/ Sat-Sun 8am-11pm
Grandfathered recipes
100 inside+100 outside

The realm of outlaws, old-timers, and “the way it used to be" enthusiasts, the 7800 lives in infamy as the last real ski bar in Tahoe. Set in the base of the Tower at Kirkwood, the 7800 maintained its independence from corporate ownership through multiple acquisitions of the resort. Renowned for offering the locals a haven from steep prices and tourist-trap mentalities, this bar is one of the last great spots to eat and drink by fire after a long day on the mountain. A bit out of the way at 1551 Kirkwood Meadows Dr., the 7800 is worth the short walk or drive.

If these walls could talk, they would have a lot to say. Open for over twenty years and transforming through four separate incarnations, the names change – but the place stays the same. Originally founded as the Whiskey Run, for a long time it was the only bar in Kirkwood Valley. Later it was transformed into the "Battered Beaver" and "Too the Moon Saloon;" all of these different establishments rode the boom/bust cycle of Kirkwood's good and bad snow years. Three seasons ago it was christened the 7800, and now it's doing better than ever due to its newly found status as the Vail-alternative option at Kirkwood.

Simply put, this place is a great time! Not afraid to get a little rowdy, the 7800 welcomes with open arms the folks cast aside by the more family-friendly/toned-down demeanor of a corporate-owned Kirkwood. Hosting live music Saturdays, DJ's on Fridays, and a weekly bout of public karaoke, the 7800 has all the accoutrements of a place where one goes to party – as opposed to a place to go and sleep in your chair.

Most days or nights you can find my buddy Ken working the bar at 7800. About two-years deep in his tenure as the bartender, he's a great guy to ask for recommendations regarding everything Kirkwood. Not overly advertised--but a favorite of locals, "The Special" is something that he's likely to serve-up during the 4:00pm rush; it consists of a pint of PBR and a shot of Jim Beam all for $6. I call it the "warm-me-up-special." With a full service bar & kitchen serving great bar food, the 7800 has plenty of variety. With plenty of space, a roaring fire, and an unpretentious approach to service and mountain culture, the 7800 has earned its place as the best bar at Kirkwood...

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