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Treasure Hunter: Lake Tahoe Dive Log pt. II

We got to it bright and early…
When I arrived on his doorstep, Ed was already rigged and ready to get in the water. He tossed an 8 mil. wetsuit to me (the thickest neoprene I’d ever seen), and suggested I use oil to get it on. I must note that getting an 8 mil. wetsuit on is anything but simple. The application of such a suit is perhaps more akin to putting on a suit of armor—one that helps you float.

Treasure Hunter: Tahoe Dive Log pt. I

Ever since I moved to the Tahoe Basin, I've heard stories about the local diving opportunities in the lake. A veteran of dozens of dives throughout Southeast Asia, SCUBA is one of my favorite activities. During the last three years, I’ve been trying to manifest a friendship with a local who can act as dive ambassador and liaison to the greater Tahoe area.
The other day, I met “the guy.”

A Day in Desolation

The threshold between Spring and Summer in the Tahoe region is an interesting time. A season meant for exploration, the rushing streams and snowcapped peaks seem to beckon the locals out from under their winter dwellings. To catch the bug, all you have to do is turn your gaze westward—to the Desolation Wilderness—and the siren song of the mountains will call you home.Driving around the southwest corner of the lake, there are innumerable trailheads, some more obvious than others.

Sunset Surprise

One of the magical things about Tahoe is how the beauty of the area can sneak up on you. For even the most jaded local, the exquisite charms of the Tahoe Basin can offer stark reminders of why we live here...