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Shall We Dance?

After 36 hours of grooving to different musical themes for a Multiple Sclerosis Dance marathon, my enthusiasm for the greatest hits of the 70’s, had left the building with Elvis.  The sock-hopping segment had just about done me in several hours earlier.  Now Stayin’ Alive seemed to have an entirely new message, a deeper meaning of vicious irony to my sputtering nerve endings.  What day was it?  At that point, coffee just doesn’t do it anymore, and the whole event became a blur of colorfully clad participants undergoing their own transformation from peppy gung-ho’s to dead-beat zombies.  Bleary-eyed, I could tell I wasn’t the only one pushing the limits…

Your Chair-iot Awaits!


You’ve been gearing up for what seems like for-ever already.  Your new boots and gloves were barely used last season; they’re not even broken in yet...  Your edges are still sharp, but you’re thinking you might do the wax, just to make sure you’re ready.  Ready?  For what?  You can feel it in your bones, can’t you?  El Nino’s promise is...  So far so good, Eh?  The long-lamented drought conditions seem to be waning a bit, and it looks like Winter’s off to a proper start this season!  Every week lately, Tahoe gets a fresh delivery of long-awaited SNOW!  Time to bust that lonely gear out of storage and head for the hills!

Thanks - Giving & Receiving

Thanksgiving has come to mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  But what does it mean to you?  There’s turkey and mashed potatoes, squash and pumpkin pie, right?  You go over to Grandma’s house and eat until you can’t possibly manage another bite… Then, after a stroll around the neighborhood, it’s time to dive into the stuffing sandwiches and a piece of Grandma’s apple pie you didn’t have room for two hours ago...  There’s football games to cheer over, fantastic parades, and maybe a visit with a few folks you may not see very often.  Yep, that’s what Thanksgiving’s all about, right?  Just like the Pilgrims did it.  They wore silly hats, belts with big buckles, and carried ridiculously inaccurate blunderbusses to hunt the turkey with.  Then they sat down with the Indians around a big table and shared an enormous feast.  Life could not be better and the new world was a wonderful place.  Yep…

Fall Colors and Tahoe Time

Fall, the fallow time, the space between Summer and Winter, the shoulder season...  How do you think of it?  Do you embrace this cooling transition by anxiously pulling your warm clothes from storage?  Are you drifting off in daydreams of forested paths, along clear creeks, surrounded by brilliant swatches of amber and crimson leaves?  Is there a pleasant sense of anticipation accompanying these thoughts, an inspirational spark that wakes something inside you?  As the seasonal plants shed their last bursts of energy, you can almost feel it flowing into you.  There are a lot of things to do yet, aren’t there?  Yes, indeed there are…

Animals Carry a Heavy... Burdon!

When was the last time you saw a show that was so fantastic, you were charged up for hours after the lights went down?  And still thinking about it the next day?  Come on… think!  Where were you?   What did you do before the show?  Who did you go there with?  Did they have the same electrified feeling?  Did the band play a favorite song (or all your favorites)?  Is that tune playing in your mind right now?  Do you see the lead singer, looking right at you, holding out their hand and making an impact with the phrase that always made you think that song was about you?  Is there an awesome melody that takes you away?  Is the groove making your head rock just a bit as you find yourself falling back into it – even though those notes have long ago sailed off into the ether?  Music is a powerful medium, and you’re not the only one to have fallen for its haunting charms

Top of the World - Return to Desolation

  Running in place on a treadmill does accomplish the goal of staying in shape.  But for what?  It’s kind of like running in place in life, isn’t it?  It’s also like making money.  Sure, you’ve been working your bum off to stay on top of things and maybe you’ve been able to pack a little away in a bank account.  Or not?  Either way, what good is it if you don’t use if for something you need that goes beyond the basics of food & shelter?  You can make more money.  You can never make more Time. And where would you rather be spending your precious time, in a beautiful place, right?

Shake it Up

For anyone who’s ever dabbled in Drama Club, Shakespeare is the staple go to for learning the ropes for writing, directing, and acting.  Modern Actress Anne Hathaway shares the name of his wife so you can guess what her parents were thinking…  Ironic if you know that, in the 1500’s, when his plays were originally presented, it was illegal for women to perform in the theatre.  The roles of women were played by (gulp) men.   I’m picturing some very dubious-looking women on those early stages.  And it does beg the question, Why?  And Who thought it was necessary to dress guys up to act like girls – when there were plenty of them to fill the parts?  Nowadays of course, we get to see the real thing. That has not stemmed the copious application of makeup all that much....  But, I’ll wager most patrons agree with this progression toward appropriate representation.

Wood You?

Ever since Henry Ford got the wheels turning for us on land, Chris Smith was onboard with the concept of gas propulsion.  By the mid 1920’s, Smith was turning out beautiful wooden works of art built to grace the water - with the Miss America being one of his most famous designs.  This power boat concept was soon embraced by other artists like Hackers, Hutchinsons, Lymans, and Gar Woods.

Another Round?

Luckily for us in Lake Tahoe, fair weather is the de rigueur here (even in January this year!).  As the rich and famous returned amidst the roar of Lear jets to the Basin for the big Celebrity Golf Challenge, so did throngs of followers hoping for a glimpse or even a chance to meet one of the high society elite for an added thrill.  The Edgewood is already a popular location for dining, weddings and special parties.  This annual event from American Century Investments puts it way over the top!  As locals, it’s impossible not to notice the increased density of the traffic on the roads and sidewalks around town.  It brings a buzz to the air; an undeniable sense that Something’s happening

Fire Works

It is said Chinese Alchemists discovered gun powder.  Wei Boyang (around 142AD for history buffs) is credited with writing about it but I doubt he’s the one who actually invented it.  Apparently these Alchemists were searching for some kind of immortality elixir and came up with gun powder.  Do you find this a bit ironic?  Sulfur and charcoal were commonly available, and saltpeter (potassium nitrate ) forms naturally in cow manure so…  It was inevitable those things mixed with fire in a town lab somewhere…  Wei just happened to be literate enough to document it – or still alive.